Saturday 23rd May 2015

Haydn. Piano Trio  No.39 in G major 'The Gypsy'

Haydn's piano trios are his most neglected works,largely due to fact that the earlier ones give greater prominence to the keyboard. However this trio was a success from the start, not only because of the more even balance between the three instruments,but also due to its last movement, which includes the lively 'Gypsy Rondo'.

Mendelssohn. Piano Trio No.2 in C minor

Written some six years after his first, this second piano trio appeared in 1845, followed a very busy year when Mendelssohn was working in Berlin, as well as conducting a season with the London Philharmonic Society. He then returned to direct the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra .This trio is both lively and vigorous with much interplay between the the three instruments.

Brahms. Piano Trio No.1 in B major

Written for his friend,Joachim,in 1854, it received its first performance in New York with a pupil of Liszt, William Mason accompanying. This was later revised by Brahms, with an extensive alteration to the first movement and it is this revised version which will be the performed in this concert. It is the version Clara Schumann preferred, but Brahms allowed both versions to exist.

31 05 2013 Fournier

The Fournier Trio